PointRank 2.0 Review and The OTOs



Today, in this PointRank 2.0 review, i would like to inform you the data about its upsell funnel. As you know, all the product has upsells and this one is a no exception, but, you need to determine yourself either you need to buy any of them or not and are they worth buying as from the hype. There are three upsells for the app PointRank 2.0 and i don't expect all of the customers to buy all the upsells, so, i will help you figure out which one should be bought the most.



OTO 1: PointRank Pro

For the front end account, you can only integrate around 5 Youtube channels and a few social media account, now, you will remove all these limitation and integrate as many as you want, which is a big plus. Think yourself, if you run multiple niches, you should syndicate content to a relevant account. 


With the main offer, you can upload 720P video but one of the most important ranking factor is a full HD video, which can be used with this upsell 1 account, so, the product creator is using this small trick to ensure you will buy the upsell 1 Pro version.


And you have the pure automation. Usually, if you run a live event, you need to track ranking of that live event and in case it doesn't rank top 10 on Google, you will automatically repost it (we call duplicate the event) so that you leverage the power and fast indexing of live event to get traffic on Google


Sometimes, duplicating is not good because Google doesn't like this and will mark as spam. So, to prevent spam, you can spin the Titles, Desctiptions while saving the targeted keyword, as a result, you still rank, you still get traffic and don't get penalty from Google, which is a cool stuff here.



OTO 2: PointRank Local

This helps you rank keywords for local business. It's like to create content that targets directly in a specific location and we will focus on helping local clients to rank their video content in their specific location. Of course, like the Front end and OTO 1, you still leverage the live event strategy and benefit from its fast indexing results to help local business to rank their video, their live event with their posted Call to Action link on Google so that they get more traffic. As a result, they would appreciate and they will buy your services over, over and over. But anyway, i just recommend this upgrade for serious SEO Agency Professional.


OTO 3: Agency

This is not going to be a Reseller license, it's actually a license to create sub-account for other users, or, can be your teammates to create video ranking content for you. Just think like you are having an enterprise or you are running a professional Video SEO Agency business. So, to be honest, i don't really recommend this upgrade, if this was a Reseller license, i would highly recommend because as you know, to run a professional SEO Agency that people would love to buy, you need a lot of thing and most of the agency opportunity you see from Jvzoo and Warrior Plus are not really realistic.


Verdict: Cancel this.







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