AvatarBuilder Review and The OTOs

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Before you buy a product on the internet, it's highly needed for you to understand not just the front end account but also the upsell funnel. So, we publish this AvatarBuilder review article as a way to break you down the features of the upsells so that you can make your own decision either to buy some of these upgrades or not.



OTO 1: Elite at $ 49

Every single month, you will get new video templates for local business, which supports you in making and providing more services for local clients. And the best, you get them without the need to pay monthly or yearly. This is usual because i have used Animation Studio, Video Robot before and i see the same thing, because Paul Ponna actually gives you new templates in monthly basis as most Deluxe version.


With the type of the software, Avatar Characters are the most important features here. And what if you have additional avatar to be used in your video campaign, how good is that. When you play these similar video, don't play them without background music because that's so boring. That's where the product creator provides you numerous audio in their library, which are important to keep people watching your video (if they watch on Youtube)


And you have more rendering in their Amazon Cloud server with faster speed, which means you have a ready to download video faster than ever. How cool is that, if you run agency services, you want to provide as many services and value as you want, right, that's where you need the fast, full HD and priority rendering here.


OTO 2: Agency at $ 67

The Front end and Upsell account has limitation in terms of video length, with this one, the length will be expanded into 12 minutes in maximum. And for each video templates, you have the human voiceover, which are all custom made and custom recorded so that you can avoid the abusiveness of Text to Speech features.


For a video agency business, close clients is the key to success. And to help you jump start the process of collecting clients, you have pre-made websites, pre-made Video Sales letter with proposal, client contract, banner ads to advertise people and then you can collect cash from them once you have closed prospects into real paying clients.


OTO 3: Template Hub at $ 37

Brand New Video Templates From The Hottest Niches Added To You Account For 1 Year (No Monthly Fees) 

Unlock 500+ New Templates Immediately (50 per category) and this is totally enough if you run an agency business.


OTO 4: VoicePro at $ 29

This is for those who use the Text to Speech features mostly. Well, you have immediate access to additional 100 Human Text to speech characters in various languages in order to make real voice into your video, and they use the most popular engine, Amazon Polly




After posting this content about Avatar Builder, i can say one thing with you, well, i strongly recommend you not just to buy the front end account but also the entire funnel of the software from Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar thanks to the greatness they are bringing to all customers and, the affordable price.



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